career biography
For the potted version of my career highlights and more formal CV,more...
awards and achievements
During my career, I have received a number of commendations and awards. To find out more, read on. The clues for my failures are to be found elsewhere! ,more...
skills portfolio

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During my varied working life, I have had three sabbaticals. You can read about my motives for these, and how I planned and made them happen, more...
life interests
You can read about some of my current interests beyond work here, more...


about helen > skills portfolio

project management
on research & policy projects, TV projects, and as an internet strategy and deployment consultant;

public speaking, social comment, and policy development and communications work

editing and publishing
TV, print, the web (e.g. combining author, proof reader, editor and publisher roles)

knowledge of legislative and political process
Parliament, Congress, devolved and local government

experience of brand building, communication, public affairs and marketing strategies
(e.g. DrugScope, Demos, elancentric, Genderquake, and understanding the need for multi-media mix

knowledge and experience of qualitative and quantitative research techniques
(including online) and experience and knowledge of managing market research companies/projects

holistic and innovative approach to events & seminars
e.g. live events, and Tomorrow's Women for Demos 1997)

experience of business support, incubation and acceleration services
as well as practical and theoretical knowledge of the incubation and development process

experience of partnerships and multi-stakeholders ventures
e.g. and increasingly in an international context

a 'connector' - strong networks among target audiences
government, and the non profit sector, professional women's networks, and increasingly among the commercial world

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Live like there is no tomorrow. Learn like you've got forever
Mahatma Ghandi
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