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The bulk of my consultancy is now coordinated and managed through my company, Genderquake Limited, where we specialise in strategy consultancy and creative services. This also means that you benefit not just from my ideas but from the creative network of individuals and organisations that I collaborate with.
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Since 1994, I have acted as a consultant in a number of areas to a diverse client range. To find out about my consultancy portfolio more...

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Since 1994, I have worked as a strategy consultant to organisations as varied as Canon Europa, Coopers and Lybrand, BBC, and Northern Foods, on issues as varied as organisational change, work-life balance, recruitment and retention of women and Generation X as well as planning for the future, trend spotting and social and policy forecasting. Alongside trends and policy consultancy, I have since 2000 developed a portfolio of experience in internet strategy having founded and secured seed capital investment of £500,000 for a dot com venture, and through Genderquake acting as the lead consultant and delivery partner to a consortium of government and voluntary sector organisations, principally the Cabinet Office, CMPS, NCVO on an e-learning project promoting partnership working, which resulted in the creation of In recent years, through Genderquake Limited, I have also acted as a strategy consultant working on small consultancy jobs and more extensive hands on work involving interim management, change management and strategic development within organisations and what I like to call 'step shift consulting' to mirror 'step shift thinking'.

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In summary, the current consultancy portfolio involves:

• policy development and advice (for political networks, government departments, local authorities and RDAs) on gender mainstreaming, women's entrepreneurship and self-employment, creative and digital economy, child care, work-life balance, family policy and children's services;

• anticipating tomorrow's future today - researching, presenting, and facilitating ideas building workshops on planning for the future;

• Organisational change management - consultant to organisations on how to predict and plan for external changes - major client in 2003-2004 4Children;

• Internet strategy and empowerment consultancy - adviser, consultant and deliveryt partner on partnership working, e-learning and internet strategy to Cabinet Office, NCVO on e-learning project, as well as 4Children with the development of its new interactive website, and first generation websites for the self-employed, micro entrepreneurs, social enterprises/entrepreneurs, and charities;

• In addition, I also have expertise to offer in terms of online publishing, career planning, start up coaching and advice, facilitating collaborative leadership, incubation and acceleration services for projects, teams and organisations;

• Creative services including project initiation, development and management to deliver and enable much of the above;

Please visit Genderquake Limited and review our wide range of services to find out how we can work with you. If you don't feel this is appropriate but you are interested in discussing how I personally could work with you then please contact me direct.


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Helen could see the broader strategy beyond the pilot project and with that made a major contribution to the follow up bid for full implementation
Ewart Wooldridge, Director Civil Service College, CMPS
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