I live in the converted Bryant & May match factory in East London where the female workers led a watershed strike for equal pay and safe working conditions...
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Here's a photograph of the Bryant & May factory...



, is a story telling site about pioneering women from history - or should I say 'herstory', which I co-founded with my sister, Laura and a friend, Becky. If you visit this site, you can enjoy a host of inspiring writing and tales...


I went on my first open water swimming holiday in September 2004, swimming day by day between a small cluster of islands off the coast of Croatia... ..




This is where you can find out about some of the things that are important in my life at the moment and which I am willing to share with visitors to my site.

doing what makes you passionate
Predictably, I'll start with my sister site,, the website about my company, Genderquake Limited, and our activities. This is important because it brings in the bread and butter to keep my creativity alive and is a cause related consultancy focussing on issues that I am passionate about. I hope you visit and sign up to receive our new monthly newsletter, Genderquake Bytes. (drive to sample first newsletter ion the Genderquake site and then say to receive this newsletter you need to be registered with
Next there's, the story telling site about pioneering women from history - or should I say 'herstory', which I co-founded with my sister, Laura and a friend, Becky. If you visit this site, you can enjoy a host of inspiring writing and tales about hags, harlots and heroines, as well as benefitting from articles, features, book reviews and information about new products in our Writer's Toolkit. You also receive a monthly newsletter about our activities, competitions and events and you'll find a wide range of other links to other creative writing sites, and other useful tips.
So visit - register and tell your friends and colleagues about us!

brain power
Ever felt like your head might be telling you one thing and your heart is saying another. Or that what you want to achieve is being sabotaged by your sub-conscious or by unhelpful inner talk?

Well, I have - on lots of things - from the personal to the professional - and I have also learnt that change - personal, professional, and cultural - even when you think you are embracing it, is challenging and difficult.

If any of this resonates, then I recommend you visit Using patented technology to access and embed new ideas, and intentions in your sub-conscious, their CDs will enable you to tackle the habits of the mind which hold you back from realising your potential. Whether it's writing creatively, manifesting your vision, or anything else you care to think of, their website can cater to your every need - there is even a CD which promises to wire your sub-conscious to reach enlightenment. I jest not!

I have used some of their CDs (oh bliss is me!) - and we review the creative writing CD on I definitely think they are worth a try.

Now you have no excuse for not doing what Mahatma Gandhi talked about all those years ago - Be the change you want to be. Inner Talk will certainly give you a helping hand.

be magnetic
Apart from New Age CDs, I have also become interested in magnetic wellness technology and products and have tried and tested out some of these. If you want to find out more about magnetic technology, please visit,, and find out a bit about their product range. Then please contact me to discuss their products further, as I am a Nikken distributor and can tell you more about their products, and philosophy.

live life in the present moment
In the last few years, I have started to meditate regularly and become interested in Buddhism. Actually this interest goes back to 1997 when I was living in the States and tried to meditate, and read a few books about Buddhism there. But it only really moved into focus for me, after a visit to the London Buddhist Centre on one of my Artists Dates, encouraged by the Artists Way At Work in Spring 2003 (Hopefully you are now getting a picture of how my ideas and experiences synchronistically feed off one another!).
I now regularly visit, and take part in the courses, events, and retreats held at the London Buddhist Centre, and the experience and the friends and people I have met has really enriched my life for the better.
The LBC is a friendly hospitable place to learn meditation. They also run an excellent range of courses including a de-stress workshop on Saturday mornings beginning in 2005, which I am a volunteer for, and in 2004 began to hold some inaugural courses on Meditation for Depression (which have been sell outs) and in 2005 will be continuing these alongside a pioneering Meditation and Addiction course.
Find out more by visiting, Close to the LBC, there is also a small entrepreneurial cluster of Buddhist right livelihood businesses, which are genuine social enterprises including, the Wild Cherry café, Evolution gift shop and also Friends Organic, many of which were founded in the 1970s before the word social enterprise had even been born or claimed by the think tank gurus - a classic case of practice feeding policy.
The LBC is a stone's throw from where I live in the East End on the infamous Roman Road, but it's also close to Bethnal Green tube, and the Central Line so there's no excuse wherever you are in London. The LBC is part of the Friends of the Western Buddist Order, which has bases in lots of other cities and towns in Britain. It is just one branch of Buddhism to explore - there are many more.

the mind body connection
It's taken me a long time to learn this one, but another crucial aspect of work-life balance, and living creatively is ensuring that the mind-body connection is nurtured. In 2004, I have become interested in a wide range of challenging physical activities including long distance open water swimming. In April 2004, I could not even swim two lengths of crawl in a 33 metre pool, and can now at the year's end swim for 6km in one stretch. (albeit at a snail's pace!).
I went on my first open water swimming holiday in September 2004, swimming day by day between a small cluster of islands off the coast of Croatia. It's a great way to get fit and a novel activity holiday, and if you're a singleton like me a great way of enjoying company in a relaxed informal way. The company which runs these holidays claims to be the only swimming adventure holiday in Europe. You definitely feel that you're in safe hands. On my trip, we were accompanied by two swimming guides, one of whom had swum the English Channel, and the other was an ex Marine!. Visit their website,

The sequel to The Art of Swimming is The Art of Running. In October 2004, I decided my next challenge would be to start some long distance runs, with a plan to run the marathon in New York in Autumn of next year for the charity, Mind, So watch this space!

Mind is the mental health advocacy charity, and is in 2005 going to be my charity of choice, as I plan to add running to my health portfolio, and start running long distance. When one in four people suffer depression at some point in their lives, and when many of us know someone who has, Mind is an excellent charity to support. For me, there is also a personal motivation - I have suffered depression and I firmly believe that the medication culture we have is not tackling the root causes. For me, exercise is a crucial element of my mental as well as physical health, and somehow naming 2005 as my year of running feels right.

keeping in touch with your inner child
In my experience a crucial part of keeping creative, and the ideas flowing is to have a playful attitude to life. One way of nurturing your inner child is keeping the connection going with children. This does not just mean being a parent, but it means keeping in touch with the way in which children's lives are changing and what appeals to them. My nephews Morgan and Cameron keep me on my toes but I connect in other ways.
My other favourite charity, and one with which I have a long standing relationship is 4Children,, formerly Kids Clubs Network. 4Children has been my charity of choice since 1999 when I joined its Board as a trustee. I was an executive member of the Board and its membership secretary for 4 years until I resigned in Spring 2003 to provide strategy consultancy, and interim management to the organisation. I worked as a change management and organisational consultant to 4Children, between Spring 2003-Spring 2004 working internally and preparing the organisation for its name change, and positioning it to maximise the service and policy opportunities opening up in the wake of the push towards integrated children's services.
4Children continues to be one of my personal favourites, because it is a charity that punches well above its weight and continues to be dynamic, fast moving and entrepreneurial. It also has a great team of people and I hope to continue my connection with it in the future. Genderquake Limited is a member of the charity, and if you like what it stands for you too can join up so visit and check it out.
I am sure my favourites will change as my interests adapt and change. But this should give you some fruitful avenues to explore. And I hope you have enjoyed visiting this site and will visit my other sister sites:

Enjoy! Best Wishes,


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One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the dark conscious
Carl Jung
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