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One way in which I communicate my ideas is through the media. I do through this through writing, broadcasting, as well as briefing journalists and providing comment on a wide range of themes and issues in print, on radio and TV, and increasingly via the web. I understand our multi-media environment, having worked in broadcasting, print journalism, in new media and web publishing. Over the last decade, I have also developed a media profile as an influential commentator and spokesperson on a wide range of issues and from a variety of perspectives. These continue to broaden as my interests and orientation change. If you are interested in commissioning me or want a comment or briefing on a subject please make contact.

To know more about the issues I can comment on please visit the writing, speaking and publications sections of this site.

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You can also read a sample profile by the American magazine Fast Company, where I was profiled as a Change Agent and Someone to Watch in their millennium issue.


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The most probing and daring essay in the book, however, is Helen Wilkinson's cool-headed tribute to Margaret Thatcher
Elaine Showalter, Review in The Guardian, Saturday February 20 1999
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