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I have written and published widely for over a decade now. Listed below are publications written, or edited by me, or which I have contributed chapters to. You can also buy these publications through Amazon. If you are interested in commissioning a chapter, article or publication make contact ideally quoting the fee, and timescale.

Creche Barriers

Creche Barriers - how Britain can grow its childcare industry
by Helen Wilkinson published by Genderquake and Demos, 2002



Maybe I do

Maybe I do - marriage and commitment in singleton society, 2002 Conversations in Print Series, published by Institute of Ideas, featuring an essay by Jennie Bristow and a range of contributors responding including Fay Weldon, Mary Kenny, Yvonne Roberts and Helen Wilkinson. more...


The Seven Ages of Life

An edited collection featuring Helen Wilkinson on Relationships, published by the Centre for Reform, 2002
. more...


The Future of Careers

An edited collection featuring Helen Wilkinson on 'The Future of Careers in a mobile work culture', published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, 2002. more...


Dot bombshell - women, e-quality and the new economy

by Helen Wilkinson published by The Industrial Society, 2001. more...



The Global Third Way Debate

edited by Anthony Giddens, published by Polity Press, 2001 and including a chapter 'The Family Way' by Helen Wilkinson. more...



Family Business

Helen Wilkinson - Editor , Demos Collection, Demos, 2000. more...



On The Move

Chapter: The Thatcher legacy: power feminism and the birth of girl power
By Helen Wilkinson in On the March: feminism for a new generation, (edited by Natasha Walter, Little Brown 1999. more...


The Family Way

Chapter by Helen Wilkinson in Tomorrow's Politics, Demos, 1998. more...



Against the Addictive Society

in The Good Life, Demos 1998. more...



The Androgynous Generation?

in Rewriting the sexual contract By Helen Wilkinson (edited by Geoff Dench, Institute of Community Studies 1998 and republished by Transaction Publishers in 1999.


Freedom's Children: towards a new ethic of personal and social responsibility?

By Helen Wilkinson in Kinder der Freiheit, (edited by Ulriche Beck, published by Suhrkampf 1997). more...



Time out: the costs and benefits of paid parental leave

Helen Wilkinson, Demos, 1997. more...



Tomorrow's Women

by Helen Wilkinson with Melanie Howard, Demos, 1997. more..



The proposal: giving marriage back to the people

by Helen Wilkinson Demos, 1997. more...



Life After Politics

Chapters by Helen Wilkinson on gender, time and generational politics (edited by Geoff Mulgan, published by HarperCollins 1997) more...



Parental Leave - the price of family values?

by Helen Wilkinson with Ivan Briscoe, Demos, 1996. more...



The making of a young country

Chapter by Helen Wilkinson for The Blair Agenda, edited by Mark Perryman, published by Lawrence & Wishart 1996. more...



Freedom's Children

by Helen Wilkinson with Geoff Mulgan, Demos, 1995. more...



Time squeeze

Helen Wilkinson - Co-Editor, Demos, 1995. more...



No turning back: generations and the genderquake

by Helen Wilkinson Demos, 1994. more...



Democracy Beyond Sovereignty: The Shape of a Postmodern World Order

by Geoff Mulgan with Helen Wilkinson, in Politics in an Antipolitical Age, Polity Press, 1994. more...


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This book widens the debate to worldwide issues
Iain Dale, Bookseller Buyers Guide on The Gobal Third Way Debate
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The most probing and daring essay in the book, however, is Helen Wilkinson's cool-headed tribute to Margaret Thatcher
Elaine Showalter Review of On the Move in The Guardian, Saturday February 20 1999
Lots of good ideas
The Guardian on Tomorrow's Women
The Independent on The Proposal Giving marriage back to the people
It is time that the UK started looking harder at how better to accommodate the needs and aspirations of its young
The Financial Times on Freedom's Children - Work, relationships and politics for 18-34 year olds in Britain today
A series of intelligent attempts to assess the coming death of the clock
on The Time Squeeze
Demos has decidedly struck a chord with its claim that for a generation of educated young people the old emotional bipolar allegiances of post-war politics are meaningless
The Evening Standard on No Turning Back: generations and the Genderquake

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