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Dot bombshell - women, e-quality and the new economy, by Helen Wilkinson published by The Industrial Society

The new economy promises a nirvana for women. Gone is the old boy network that dominated British business; gone the manual jobs which put men at an advantage. Women, with stronger skills in networking, interpersonal interaction, team-building, are poised to surf to the forefront of the net-based e-conomy.
There is just one problem with this prevailing image. It's not true. Surface feminisation in the new economy - the high profile success of a few female entrepreneurs - masks deep-seated and established patterns of power and inequality between men and women.
The new economy has huge potential to transform the relationship between gender and wealth creation. A few dot bombshells do not an e-quality revolution make. We need a revolution in business practice, from Government, investment institutions, venture capitalists and mainstream incubators - and from women who've already made it.

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