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Helen Wilkinson Editor - Family Business, Demos Collection, Demos 2000

Family Business is an agenda-setting new book edited by work and families expert Helen Wilkinson which sets out a new way of thinking about families in the economy of the twenty-first century. An international range of contributors discusses the emerging work-life agenda, assesses recent policy initiatives and offers practical solutions for the future.
The book argues that finding new ways to balance the pressures of work and life is becoming more urgent and complex. The traditional nuclear family no longer defines our culture and workers are coming under pressure to work harder, faster and more flexibly than ever before. The thinkers in this collection of essays raise questions, as well as suggesting answers. Many caution against quick fixes or simple solutions.
But running through every contribution is a central, and simple, story: the new economy cannot live on thin air alone. The family business is our most precious enterprise. We under-invest at our peril.
Family Business includes chapters from:
• Ed Mayo argues for 'time and care credits', a new form of family-friendly currency.
• Jack O'Sullivan and Laura Wilkinson remind us that today's parents are pioneers of new forms of work and family life.
• Ed Straw argues that the skills we learn at home have a place in the workplace.
• Sue Slipman on childcare and the public good.
• Tom Bentley argues that there is a growing similarity between the family and business.
• Ellen Galinsky argues children need greater investments of time and energy.
• Maureen Freely discusses policy-makers' moral responsibilities to parents, families and citizens.
• Shirley P Burggraf argues that the family accounts for over half of US productive wealth.
• Helena Cronin and Oliver Curry show how families have literally 'evolved' to be sites of reciprocity, love and mutual exchange.
• Other articles by: Arlene Skolnick, Melanie Howard and Michael Wilmott, Nancy Ramsey, Mona Harrington, Michael Rustin, Brad Googins, Graeme Russell and Juliet Bourke, Suzan Lewis and Julia Brannen, Fiona McAllister, Sumiko Iwao, Peter Moss, Paul Gregg, Ian Christie, Michael Young and Jean Stogdon, Linda Tarr-Whelan.

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