the secret of my success
I remember being conscious of sexism and the challenges I had in this area, and the business failure‚ I faced has, I believe, been instrumental in laying the foundations for continued entrepreneurial success
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• Generations and the genderquake - each generation experiences the transformation in gender roles in their own unique way. Find out about the generation gap and how this is playing out in relationships, families, work, life and politics as well as what this might mean for you;
• Women's lives & changing gender roles - past, present and future;
• Living through the Genderquake - personal, lifestyle, work, family, relationships
• Generation X;
• Singleton Society;
• Fatherhood;
• Policies for lone parents
• Work-life balance (and the role of employers)
• Changing world of work
• Parental leave
• Child care
• Equality and diversity strategies in corporations
• Women and the new economy
• Women entrepreneurs
• Elancers and the new economy
• Social entrepreneurship
• Change management and organisational change
• Political renewal, engagement and disconnection
• From ideas into action
• Women and politics
• Cross national comparisons and experiences
• Personal experiences - as an elancer, as an entrepreneur
• How to shape and guide - and even finance - your own sabbatical - from someone who has had three!
• How to do the work you want to do;
• Be the change you want to be
• Creativity and the new economy
• Using the media to communicate your ideas
• How to be your own think tank

Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and I am always happy to discuss how I might prepare a bespoke speech, presentation or workshop for your needs.

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Thanks very much for your contribution to the event, the whole evening was very lively and we've had lots of positive feedback from the audience... I certainly think people finished the evening with something extra to think about
Antonia Byatt, Director of the Women's Library
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