Helen was selected as one of 35 commended social entrepreneurs in the inaugural Upstarts Award for social entrepreneurship launched by the New Statesman in 2001 more...
some of my ventures

If you want to read about some of the ventures I've been involved in...more...



I am interested in ideas about entrepreneurship and innovation and I believe these ideas are refined, and sharpened through their practical application. Coming from the world of media and think tanks, I am relatively distinctive for the extent to which I have been involved in ideas building, and applying these ideas in practice. I have also moved fluidly between not-for-profit and commercial models experimenting with seeding ideas, and approaches from different sectors. I have now spent over ten years, testing and experimenting with ideas - in practice, and often at personal financial risk - with failures and successes, though in truth it is the failures that I have learnt the most from.

• I like generating and building ideas on a wide range of topics. See my publications section here>

• As someone who has taken risks with my ideas, and put them into practice, I have views about entrepreneurship and innovation. If you would like to hear more about them, read on >

• If you would like to find out about some of the ventures I have been involved in founding read on >

• In recent years, I have been nominated and commended in awards for my entrepreneurship and innovation. Find out more here >

• I have also have practical experience of supporting non-profit organisations to become more entrepreneurial, through strategy development, change management consultancy and acts of intra-preneurship. Find out about these here >


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