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Helen is one of the founders of a creative writing site, www.hagsharlotsheroin
es.com which celebrates and brings the lives of pioneering women through its focus on 'herstory'.
comment and feature journalist

1994-present day writing for newspapers and magazines as varied as Personnel Today, New Statesman, online sites like www.ourpartnership
.org.uk as well as newspapers like The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Express, Evening Standard, and international magazines like The Utne Reader and Working Woman writing columns, features and opinion pieces. more...



Writing is a very important part of my life, and always will be. It is one of the ways I give expression to my ideas and promote my work, and though it can sometimes be a struggle, I derive a lot of satisfaction from it. I wrote my first major publication, No Turning Back: generations and the genderquake in 1994 during my first sabbatical from the BBC, and it is still one of my personal favourites. Following this, I became a regular contributor to national newspapers, as well as being offered a national column in the Comment section of The Independent in that year. Writing in some form has been an important part of my life since.

Over ten years on, I continue to write for a variety of different media - producing articles, chapters, short books and publications, as well as speeches, reports, and briefings for a wide variety of different audiences as well as doing my own creative writing. Visit the publications section of this site for more information. Since 2000, I have increasingly moved into multi-media and online publishing, as well as providing editing, writing and content generation services through Genderquake Limited.

On my current sabbatical, I have been nurturing a few of my own writing projects, which I hope will bear fruit in the months and years to come (though there are no guarantees!). I am also one of the founders of a dynamic new story telling site, www.hagsharlotsheroines.com launched with my sister, Laura, who is the prime mover, and a friend Becky which I hope many of you will visit and join.

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If you are interested in commissioning articles, features, speeches or other content generation services, please contact me. You can see the issues that excite and inspire me and that are in turn my area of expertise, by looking at my articles, publications, and reading my speaking topics.


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One reason why Wilkinson's ideas have achieved such clout is that she has a knack for packaging and marketing them in terms that people can understand. Her writing is populist, filled with catchy labels and eye-opening anecdotes
Keith H.Hammonds, Fast Company Magazine
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