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founder of creative writing site
Helen is one of the founders of a creative writing site, www.hagsharlotsheroines.com which celebrates and brings the lives of pioneering women through its focus on 'herstory'.
comment and feature journalist

1994-present day writing for newspapers and magazines as varied as Personnel Today, New Statesman, online sites like www.ourpartnership.org.uk as well as newspapers like The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Express, Evening Standard, and international magazines like The Utne Reader and Working Woman writing columns, features and opinion pieces more...

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I have developed areas of expertise but as a writer, researcher and journalist, I delight in turning my hand to a wide range of material. Topics I have written, and commented on in the media include:

• Generations and the genderquake - each generation experiences the transformation in gender roles in their own unique way. Find out about the generation gap and how this is playing out in relationships, families, work, life and politics as well as what this might mean for you;
• Women's lives & changing gender roles - incl coining new trends, like emergence of ladettes, binge drinking etc;
• Generation X;
• Singleton Society;
• Fatherhood;
• Families;
• Work-life balance (and the role of employers)
• Gender gap in politics;
• Blair's babes, and political genderquake;
• Changing world of work
• Parental leave
• Child care
• Equality and diversity strategies in corporations
• Women and the new economy
• Women entrepreneurs
• Entrepreneurs and the new economy
• Elancers and the new economy
• Social entrepreneurship
• New work ethic, careers and changing world of work
• Political renewal, engagement and disconnection
• Women and politics
• Feminism, post feminism and gender politics;
• Personal experiences - as an elancer, as an entrepreneur, as a sabbatical taker
• Addiction and society
• Women, eating and food'
• Creativity and the new economy
• Opinion and commentary on topical social and political trends;
• Social entrepreneurship
• Policy comment pieces

You can also find out more about my themes by visiting the articles and publications sections, as well as viewing my speaking themes. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and I am always happy to discuss how I might research and write on a subject that suits your needs.

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One reason why Wilkinson's ideas have achieved such clout is that she has a knack for packaging and marketing them in terms that people can understand. Her writing is populist, filled with catchy labels and eye-opening anecdotes
Keith H.Hammonds, Fast Company Magazine
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